A gentle walk through picturesque Wicklow countryside

Blessington GreenwayThe Blessington Greenway Walk starts right here at Avon Rί Lakeshore Resort. It’s an easy walk along waymarked trails through forests and along the shores of Blessington Lakes. With no hills or steps to climb, it’s great for anyone, from people looking for a relaxing stroll through to families with small children in buggies, hillwalkers, joggers and even cyclists.

At roughly 6.5 km one way or 13 km for a round trip, whether you’d like a short walk or want to spend an entire day exploring, you’ll love the Greenway walk.

The loveliest scenery

Don’t forget your camera! There are countless spots that make fantastic photo sites and you’ll want to take pictures of all the natural flora and fauna you encounter. The scenery across the Blessington Lake is simply memorable and there are parts of the walk that give you unparalleled views across the waters and to the scenic Wicklow hills.

Blessington Greenway WalkIt’ll take you approximately an hour and a half to go from Avon Rί to Russborough House. Alternatively, you can follow the official trail for a while and turn off to walk along the lakeshore back to Avon Rί, a circuit that will take you about an hour to complete.

Linking two historical sites

Avon Rί Lakeshore Resort, the starting point of the walk, is by the historic town of Blessington, and the trail ends at the Palladian mansion at Russborough House, offering plenty of opportunity to do some sightseeing and learn more about these historic places. As you leave Avon Rί, the trail winds south along the shores of Blessington Lakes, taking in wild woodland as you go. You’ll discover an ancient medieval Ringfort along the way, before heading into magical woodlands at Burgage Moyle Lane until you finally end up at Russborough House.

Once you’ve completed the walk, why not stop off in Avon Rί for a refreshing drink and some sumptuous food or a cup of coffee and one of our delicious home baked scones?

Blessington Greenway Walk